The most futuristic bookstore which mimics the flow of water is in China!

Surely one of the most original and futuristic bookstores in the world, Yangzhou Zhongshuge, is located in Zhen Yuan area of China and is a real gem for book lovers.

The location where this bookstore is constructed, next to a river, was the reason why the designers chose to give this particular shape, as they wanted to be in harmony with the natural surroundings. So, with the help of mirrors on the floor, the roof, and the special perspective of space, this bookshop seems to mimic the movement of water.

The builders of this impressive building say: "This bookstore is the bridge between the book and each human being, exactly like the bridges over the rivers, which connect people and civilizations."
Of great interest is also the section of children's books since, as you will see, it is specially designed to attract children to the world of the book.